Healdsburg / San Fran


A small documentation on TJ and I’s trip through San Francisco to Healdsburg, California. Filled with a healthy dose of champagne cellars, wine tastings, redwoods and a breezy new coast. We both came back rejuvenated with cheese-induced potbellies.










Common Grounds Pai

For the past few months I’ve been working with a fellow Gator branding his hostel located in Pai, Thailand – Common Grounds Pai. With Thailand’s rich, vibrant culture and the down-to-earth nature of this business I couldn’t be happier with the final logo mark!


Happy holidays!

After over a week of a design detox, I rekindled my love for lettering. Inspired by the season of giving, the final product has left me warm and fuzzy. Happy holidays to all!


Grumpy love

As almost none of you know, I have an unhealthy obsession regarding Grumpy Cat. So terrible is this love that I probably spent about 20 minutes watching this GIF on repeat yesterday. Time well spent.


Personal Training Mood Board

One of my current projects at RecSports is to vamp up the design of our Personal Training campaign. To kick off this facelift I’ve been assembling a mood board with a monochromatic look & feel. To keep the somewhat tedious task of a mood board fun, I’m also creating hip little logos just to get it out of my system.


Last week was a hectic one! Getting a position as a graphic designer for WEAR Consulting, meeting the deadline for the RecSports semesterly magazine and getting off my Publix shift with just enough time to catch Breaking Bad. I’ve been juggling jobs, abandoning weekends and been a type-machine. The great thing rising out of all of this chaos? My creative slump has been cast to the wind. Currently working on the Extravaganza campaign at RecSports, here’s my in-progress contribution for the T-shirt design.

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