Home brewing with added jazz

TJ and I have been home brewing for almost two years now, but have integrated it into our regular schedules over the past 6 months. We've decided that with the ring in of 2015 we'll begin producing two brews at a time – that's about 100 beers a month!

To add a step of newness to the process we'll be branding our brews from here on out. Spanning from bottle cap designs to labels and hopefully packaging down the road. Below is a look at the bottle cap design for the Nose Nipper – a minty, Christmas ale.

So fresh + so fly

Hello folks and welcome to my new site! I'm back in action with a few new projects and equally exciting (to me) a blog again. I'll be actively posting process work and musings on here, so stay tuned.

Cheers to a digital facelift.